Boxing News: If they had fought last weekend, Tommy Fury believes Jake Paul would have been knocked out in the first round

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Boxing News: Tommy Fury claims that if they had fought last weekend, Jake Paul would have been knocked out in the first round, and that “my time will come” to settle their feud.

After being forced to withdraw from a battle against Paul due to a nasty chest infection and a broken rib, the YouTube sensation instead knocked out Tyron Woodley in their rematch last weekend.

Fury was unimpressed with Paul’s sixth-round knockout and maintains hope that a rescheduled fight will end their feud fast.

“If that had been me in the ring on Saturday night, it wouldn’t have gotten out of the opening bell,” Fury told Dev Sahni for Unibet Lowdown.

“Let’s get this straight. Watch that opening round, then watch the first round of my fightback from Love Island. Is he any good compared to that guy? No, he isn’t.

“Coming off Love Island, the guy I faced had 30 professional boxing bouts under his belt and was a world kickboxing champion. Whatever he is, that is what I would have done to him, because people who come out and do nothing are put to sleep.

“I’d have been slamming jabs all over the place. He keeps his head still and then folds his right hand up. He just would not have been present since the situation was so dire. It was a dreadful battle.”

The 22-year-old also expressed his unhappiness at not being given a high-profile clash with Paul in front of a large American audience.

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