Boxing News: ‘I would be happy to settle our issues,’ says Chris Eubank Jr. of a prospective Liam Williams grudge match

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Boxing News: Chris Eubank Jr. thinks Liam Williams is the “frontrunner” to be his next opponent and that “we need to set the record right” about their simmering feud.

Eubank Jr. forced Wanik Awdijan to retire on his stool after five rounds on Saturday, claiming that body blows shattered his opponent’s ribs and is now pursuing a significant bout in December.

“He has been quite loud on social media spewing a lot of trash, and we need to set the record straight,” he added of Williams.

“That’s intriguing.

“Other names are known both domestically and globally.”

“In December, there will undoubtedly be a big fight or a world title battle.”

“He is the leading candidate, but nothing has been confirmed.”

“It’s a fantastic battle, and many fans have been clamouring for it.”

“I would be delighted to put an end to our squabbles once and for all.”

“There has been contacted on social media throughout the last year.” He has a lot to say, he’s been quite disrespectful, and he needs to be taken down a notch or two.”

Welshman Williams has often baited Eubank Jr and tried to persuade him to fight – an all-British bout might rocket one man into the world title picture.

“Within the next 12 months, I will be world champion at middleweight,” Eubank Jr said of his future goals. Without a question. That is the path we are taking.

“I’ve always wanted to fight against Gennady Golovkin. Triple G is a household name in the sport.

“We were scheduled to fight years ago, but it didn’t happen due to contract concerns, which I’ve always regretted.

“I’m the WBA interim champion, and he’ll fight for the whole title soon. So if he wins, I’ll be the number one contender.

“That is a fight I would like to see in early 2022.

“I’m very sure I have that guy’s phone number. What is my personal style? He’s never faced anything like it before.

“Guys are so concerned about his power that they are only trying to survive. But I spar heavyweights and don’t get knocked out, so I’m not concerned about the power of a middleweight.

“I’m going in there to fight fire with fire, and I’m going to take him out.”

On December 28, Golovkin will meet WBA titleholder Ryota Murata in a world middleweight title unification bout.

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