Boxing News: ‘I tell her to make her own route, to leave her own stamp,’ Claressa Shields says of her protégé, Caroline Dubois

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Boxing News: After signing with promotional team BOXXER, Claressa Shields and Caroline Dubois will feature, Shields says: “She also has a wonderful personality. She is suddenly quite bashful! But she’s a better trash talker than I am!”

Caroline Dubois has been encouraged by her boxing idol, Claressa Shields, to follow in her footsteps.

As part of an exciting new age for boxing, Team GB Olympian Dubois and her hero, the esteemed American Shields, have both signed with promotional team BOXXER.

Shields, who won her first of two Olympic gold medals as a 17-year-old in 2012, continues to inspire Dubois, 20, who turned professional after competing in the Tokyo Olympics.

“Caroline has a bright future ahead of her,” Shields said Sky Sports after detailing how they met on social media and became friends.

“She has a lot of time on her hands, and she keeps asking me, ‘How do I deal with this and that?’

“I provide her with the best advice I can.” She’s taken it and run with it.

“I’m incredibly proud of her, and I’m honoured to be her hero, but she’s on her own route, and I urge her not to be concerned about what happened before her; instead, she should forge her own path and leave her own mark.”

“She has the ability to do so.” She also has a wonderful personality. She is suddenly quite bashful! But she’s a better trash talker than I am!

“I was silent on the way up, and I didn’t say anything until I won my second Olympic medal.”

“Her brother [heavyweight Daniel Dubois] isn’t on social media, but he works very hard.” He had a fight with Joe Joyce but immediately returned to the gym. That is self-evident. And now his younger sister has made it to the Olympics.”

“Watching her do what she did in the Olympics two times,” Dubois said of Shields to Sky Sports. It’s incredibly inspiring to see her exhibit how brilliant she is as an amateur and as a pro.

“She is a gifted fighter.” It’s incredible to think of her life outside of the ring and all she’s had to cope with.”

Lightweight Dubois has big expectations for herself:

“That depth is my weight,” she added. “There are a lot of competitors who look fantastic, a lot of people who are world championship level, and it’s a busy division with Mikaela Mayer, Terri Harper, and Natasha Jonas.

“I believe we are still searching for that number one. I feel like I can now equal the level that is in my weight with the best of them right away.

“I want to be remembered in the same manner as Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, and Muhammad Ali are remembered.”

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