Boxing News: Following his most recent KO, Richard Riakporhe will face a world title fight ‘in a matter of time,’ according to promoter Ben Shalom

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Boxing News: According to his promoter, Ben-Shalom, Richard Riakporhe has a WBC title opportunity “available for him,” but he might potentially fight Lawrence Okolie.

On Saturday night, Riakporhe knocked out Olanrewaju Durodola to win the WBC silver title and earn a future opportunity at the cruiserweight championship.

“But he is also highly regarded by all of the regulating bodies,” BOXXER promoter Shalom told Sky Sports.

“Next year, it could be Okolie or Mairis Briedis.

“Ilunga Makabu, the WBC champion, makes the most sense.

“It’s only a matter of time until he gets his chance.”

The WBC last week allowed Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez to challenge Makabu for a title in the fifth division.

“It is a difficult task to fight someone of Makabu’s weight,” Riakporhe has cautioned Canelo. Canelo must bulk up by 30 pounds in order to fight.”

Riakporhe may have to wait for Canelo to fight for the WBC title, but he stated before the weekend victory: “Mauricio Sulaiman sent a message saying: ‘This is a great opportunity for you.'”

“Mauricio is quite interested in Richard,” Shalom stated. He’s witnessed how Richard has ripped through the domestic division like no one else in such a short period of time.

“The WBC championship bout is available to him.”

Riakporhe is undefeated in 13 fights, but if he is forced to wait for a world title shot by the WBC, he is now ranked No 13 by the WBO, where London rival Okolie is the champion.

On Saturday, Okolie was at ringside for Riakporhe’s TKO.

“He had been out of the ring for so long that he required exercise,” Shalom said of Riakporhe’s growing threat. He was rusty in his first performance, but this time he was more confident. He handled it calmly.

“He looked patient and strong as he boxed an experienced opponent.”

“He is now ideally poised to compete for the world crown.”

“No one can disagree that he is currently one of Britain’s top two cruiserweights.”

Riakporhe swore to destroy Durodola: “Listen, I’m a monster. That’s not my calibre.

“Give me something to do and I’ll show the world what I’m capable of.

“It’s only a matter of time before I turn into a monster. All of these individuals have been hiding from me for a long time, and now that we’re on the scene, they have no choice but to mention my name.”

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