Boxing News: During the difficult filming of ‘The Gloves Are Off,’ Amir Khan described Kell Brook as “scared” and “empty within”

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Boxing News: As their bitter rivalry was revived during violent confrontations while filming ‘The Gloves Are Off,’ Amir Khan described Kell Brook as “scared” and “empty inside.”

The British duo has confirmed that their long-awaited rematch will take place on February 19 at AO Arena in Manchester.

At a dramatic press conference, security separated Khan and Brook, who then confronted each other during an emotional episode of ‘The Gloves Are Off’ with Johnny Nelson.

“I can see right through you,” Khan said Brook in exclusive footage from the episode.

“You’re terrified and empty on the inside.”

Brook had previously claimed that Amir Khan was to fault for the long delay in their match being finalised.

At their first news appearance, he added, “He’s always veered off, never given me respect, never acknowledged me.”

“He’s stated, ‘If I win the world title, I’ll fight you; if I beat this guy, I’ll fight you.’

“He’s gotten away.”

“He’s reached the point in his career where there’s nowhere else for him to go.”

“I’ve wanted that for a long time.”

“In the last ten years, I’ve faced two of the best pound-for-pound fighters,” Khan responded to Brook.

“I’ve never attempted to flee Kell. I’ve never had to do so.

“My accomplishments speak for themselves.”

“It’s pointless to lament the past. He hasn’t deserved this fight in the past.

“It’ll be time to see if he can back up those remarks on February 19.”

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