Boxing News: Derek Chisora’s next opponent, Hughie Fury,’ makes sense,’ according to promoter Ben Shalom

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Boxing News: According to promoter Ben-Shalom, Derek Chisora is “likelier” to accept a fight with Hughie Fury now since success would keep him in the mix with big-name heavyweights.

Chisora has been a primary target for Fury, who wants to break into the world title picture, and has been approached with new negotiations about a fight.

Despite being knocked down three times and defeated by Joseph Parker for the third round in a row, veteran Chisora, now 38, swore he would not retire.

“Likelier? Yes, indeed “Shalom, a promoter for BOXXER, remarked regarding Chisora agreeing to fight Fury.

“He’ll have a hard time getting the Deontay Wilder fight that has been spoken about. Even Dillian Whyte had a difficult time getting the Wilder bout.

“For Chisora, the conflict with Hughie makes sense.

“If Chisora wins, he will have demonstrated that he is still a top British heavyweight.

“Parker defeated Chisora. When Hughie was only 23, he arguably defeated Parker.

“If Chisora wants to make a strong comeback, what should he do? Is he’s still serious about it?

“Chisora is a great fighter who only loses to the best, so Hughie is in for a good fight.

“Fans want to witness this because they adore Derek and want to see Hughie put to the test.

“Derek has been contacted once more. We all want the fight: Hughie, Peter Fury, and us.

“This is a thrilling battle for us.”

With impressive back-to-back wins over difficult duo Mariusz Wach and Christian Hammer, the nephew of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is seeking to dethrone one of the division’s best names in 2022.

“No one wants to fight Hughie – he’s 27, awkward, and a hard man to beat,” Shalom explained.

“He now possesses both strength and experience.

“Getting others to fight him is the most difficult aspect. It’s challenging because of the risk and reward [for his opponent].

“Chisora would be a difficult opponent for him.

“Chris Arreola and Andy Ruiz Jr. are also on the line.

“While the guys with the belts are at it, Hughie has some fascinating possibilities.”

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