Boxing News: David Haye is poised for a “very significant fight” against an unknown heavyweight — but who is it?

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Boxing News: Although David Haye says that his return to the ring on Saturday is “not a comeback,” promoter Ryan Kavanaugh has revealed to Sky Sports that talks have begun for The Hayemaker’s next fight against someone with “the highest of the high” resume.

According to promoter Ryan Kavanaugh, David Haye has a bout lined up against a mystery heavyweight great following his comeback against Joe Fournier.

Haye, 40, will return to the ring against Fournier on Saturday night, alongside Evander Holyfield’s rematch with Vitor Belfort.

“It’s not a comeback,” Haye previously told, who have now been informed of ongoing discussions to pair him with an enticing opponent in a future fight.

“What happens if he wins? Without giving too much away, all I can say is that you should expect a big fight “Kavanaugh, the promoter of Triller, said Sky Sports.

“Don’t make any decisions when the adrenaline is flowing after you’ve just beaten someone I’m a 100-1 favourite to beat,” Haye has already said.

“I don’t see it happening at all,” he said of another fight.

“Definitely don’t make any decisions right there,” he said, promising not to take a second bout in the heat of the moment.

However, it’s possible that the most important decisions have already been taken.

Who is this enigmatic heavyweight with whom Haye is in talks?

Kavanaugh teased, “I couldn’t tell you who it is.”

Is it a fighter from the United Kingdom or the United States?

“Both are ready to go.”

Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, or Lennox Lewis: who would you pick?

“It’s possible.”

Is it a former Ukrainian foe?


Is it a boxing legend or someone from the entertainment industry?

“The pinnacle of the pinnacle.”

So you’re a former world heavyweight champion, right?

“If that’s what you consider the pinnacle of achievement? You wouldn’t be far off the mark.”

Haye added, “I don’t want to start thinking about anything like that.”

“Allow me to get Joe out of the way. I need to return on vacation!”

However, Kavanaugh has stated that inside the ring on Saturday, “it will be The Hayemaker that you know.”

At a party in Mykonos, a fight was decided upon.

Fournier, Haye’s opponent, has won all nine of his contests as a light-heavyweight.

He is in “the restaurant and bar industry,” at the pinnacle of hospitality on the holiday island of Mykonos, and his social media is packed with selfies beside A-list celebrities.

A heated argument with his long-time friend Haye at a party led to this weekend’s brawl.

Kavanaugh, the promoter, explained: “Joe and David are well-known for their friendship. David was Joe’s trainer and taught him how to box. David taught him everything he knows.

“Joe is younger, wealthier, and has a larger social media following.

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