Boxing News: Curry was ‘not the ideal diet for a champion,’ according to Amir Khan, and it ‘triggered’ Azeem Rafik

Boxing News
Source: Skysports

Boxing News: Azeem Rafiq, a former Yorkshire cricketer, has revealed that boxer Amir Khan’s comments on Asian athletes this week “triggered” him.

On Monday, the former welterweight champion claimed that Asian sportsmen exploit racism as an excuse for poor performance, and that curry was “not the ideal diet for a champion.”

“Khan’s statements reinforce lazy assumptions about Asian athletes when there are clear data out there to debunk that,” Rafiq, who was judged to have been a victim of “racial harassment and abuse” at Yorkshire Country Cricket Club, told Sky News.

The cricketer’s charges of systematic racism at Yorkshire prompted government intervention, multiple board resignations, and a test ban for the club.

“It is particularly sad because it comes from someone who inspired entire communities to take up the sport,” Rafiq, 31, said.

“And to be honest, it triggered me. I suffer daily, and I find life incredibly difficult as someone who has endured abuse. And, according to Amir Khan, I’m just making an excuse.”


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