Boxing News: Chris Eubank Jr. squares off against Wanik Awdijan: ‘There will be more spite in my blows’

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Boxing News: Chris Eubank Jr. has warned Wanik Awdijan that he is in for a “hard night” because of his trash talk as he prepares for a significant fight later this year.

Eubank Jr battles on Saturday in Newcastle, alongside Hughie Fury’s heavyweight bout and Savannah Marshall’s world title fight.

After a build-up riddled with threats and insults, he stood with his hands on his hips during an explosive face-off with Wanik Awdijan during Friday’s weigh-in.

“I had no ill will against the person until I saw what he was posting on social media,” Eubank Jr. explained.

“My punches on Saturday will have more venom now.”

“He’s done it to himself.”

“I always show fighters respect.” When they don’t reciprocate? That’s when it’s a bad night.”

Eubank Jr. is aiming for the world middleweight title, and a win in Newcastle this weekend will move him closer to that ambition.

Awdijan, a German with 24 victories out of 25, stands in his way.

“He’s all set,” Eubank Jr stated. “He’s coming to raise a commotion, and I’ve got to do all in my ability to prevent him from doing so.”

“I’m quite excited; it’s been a long time; I was scheduled to fight two weeks ago.”

“Because I’m in a huge fight in December, I wanted to be out this month so I could still make that date.” Everything is running on time.

“I just need to get some work done on Saturday night.”

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