Boxing News: Chris Eubank Jr. responds to opponent Wanik Awidjan’s trash talk: ‘He needs to back up what he has said’

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Boxing News: Chris Eubank Jr has vowed to hold new opponent Wanik Awidjan accountable for the “outlandish things” he has said since their bout was agreed upon.

Eubank Jr returns to action on Saturday in Newcastle, finally allowed to vent after two previous opponents withdrew from fighting him within a week.

Awidjan, who is based in Germany, has come out and has already made some big claims, including that Eubank Jr tried to avoid facing him by pursuing another opponent.

Eubank Jr was supposed to fight Anatoli Muratov, however, he backed out on the morning of their fight due to illness. Muratov had been chosen ahead of Awidjan, who now has his opportunity.

“He couldn’t make the weight,” Eubank Jr remarked of Awidjan. He aspired to weigh 12 stones. We found another person.

“He misinterpreted that as me being terrified.”

“He went on social media and said some outrageous things.”

“He is in a situation where he must back up what he has said.

“I’m curious to see if he’ll have the same excitement on social media when we meet in person at the press conference and when we get in the ring.”

The famous Roy Jones Jr, Eubank Jr’s trainer, stated of the building feud with Awidjan, “I love to have [Eubank Jr’s] engine running.” When it’s up and going, amazing things happen. I’m glad he talked nonsense!

“It’s simple to adapt since I prepare him for anything.” If an opponent performs A or B, he may then perform C. It’s my job to get him ready.

“These are just stumbling blocks.” “How can you expect to cross the hurdle of becoming a world champion if you can’t overcome these hurdles?”

Eubank Jr. plans to set up a significant fight in December with a statement victory over Awidjan on a BOXXER bill that also includes Savannah Marshall and Hughie Fury.

“I have a very good opponent – 28 victories, and one defeat, coming in from Germany,” Eubank Jr remarked of Awidjan.

“He’s prepared, and I’m prepared.”

“Before a battle, you study your opponent, looking at his previous fights, his strengths and weaknesses, how you may exploit him, and the best techniques.

“That has now changed three times.

“However, this is my life. I’ve sparred and battled against every kind of opponent. I’m not going to see something I haven’t seen a million times before.

“I need to change my approach and strategy.

“We’ve decided what we’re going to do with him.”

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