Boxing News: Chris Eubank Jr. responds to Anatoli Muratov’s stoppage threat

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Boxing News: Chris Eubank Jr. has warned opponent Anatoli Muratov that even heavyweights have not been able to knock him out during training.

On Saturday, Eubank Jr will headline Sky Sports Boxing’s debut event, alongside promoters BOXXER.

His opponent Muratov has already won two stoppage fights this year and has stated his goal to cause an upset, but Eubank Jr retorted: “One thing I’m aware of about myself is my chin. It doesn’t budge for anyone.

“I’ve sparred with heavyweights and have yet to be knocked out.

“So this guy is going to have a difficult night.”

If Eubank Jr. can make an explosive comeback this weekend, he plans to fight great fighters like Gennady Golovkin by the end of 2021.

“A good performance on Saturday, then back in the ring in December,” he explained.

“Once I get through this man, we’ll move on to big names and world titles.”

Muratov is a last-minute substitute opponent, but Eubank Jr has pledged that he would not be deterred: “The planning is complete. I’ve barely seen the first five minutes of this guy boxing. Because of the last-minute adjustment, I don’t have a game plan for this man. I’ll deal with him later in the evening.”

Eubank Jr. has struggled with Covid-19 and lost his brother in what has been a rough year. “It’ll be interesting to see how the last six months have influenced me and if it impacts what I do in the ring,” he remarked.

“My aim is to sabotage his scheme,” Muratov threatened.

Before their European welterweight title battle, Liam Taylor refused to give David Avanesyan any credit for his outstanding victory over Josh Kelly.

Taylor stated: “Kelly was a fantastic amateur, but as a professional, she hasn’t quite figured it out. After a few rounds, he passed out. David dismantled him, and I would do the same.”

He went on to say of his challenge to Avanesyan: “I’m willing to fight anyone. David is a top-tier boxer.”

“This is not my problem and it is not my fault,” Avanesyan stressed.

Richard Riakporhe will make his comeback against Krzysztof Twardowski, and he expects a knockout.

“It has inspired me even more,” Riakporhe said of watching Chris Billam-Smith and Tommy McCarthy, both of whom he has already defeated, compete for a European crown. Rivals put pressure on us to accomplish more. We can’t take our gaze away from the ball.

“They’re doing fine, which demonstrates the calibre of fighter I am since I ran through them like a hot knife through butter.”

“I’ve got the abilities and power to do it,” Germaine Brown stated of her fight with Jamal Le Doux.

“From what I’ve seen of him, he’s incredibly skilled, but I’m a step ahead of him.”

“Once I locate the gaps, I’ll stop him.”

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