Boxing News: Chris Eubank Jr. dons Superman gloves and declares, in ‘devastating fashion,’ “I’m going for the knockout”

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Boxing News: Chris Eubank Jr. appeared in fantastic shape and vowed to fight like an “absolute barbarian” in his return battle.

On Saturday night, Eubank Jr will meet Anatoli Muratov, in the inaugural event organised by BOXXER.

He weighed 163 pounds and wore Superman gloves before asserting that his famed trainer Roy Jones Jr had taught him how to be an “absolute monster.”

Eubank Jr. issued a warning to his adversary: “As usual, I’m looking for the knockout.

“I’m going in there to make a statement by dispatching this person in a horrific manner.

“As soon as the bell rings, I’m in my element.”

“I’ve watched and researched this guy, and I know how to beat him.” I am aware of both his weaknesses and his talents.”

Both the European champion, David Avanesyan, and his opponent, Liam Taylor, made the welterweight limit.

Richard Riakporhe looked fantastic while weighing in at cruiserweight to face Krzysztof Twardowski.

Despite being in a succession of 50-50 fights throughout his career, Riakporhe remains unbeaten in 11 with eight knockouts.

“Expect pyrotechnics tomorrow – KO within six,” he predicted.

Joe Pigford advanced to the super-welterweight division and will face Isaac Aryee, while Mikael Lawal and Benoit Huber fought inside the cruiserweight division.

Ebonie Jones stated before her professional debut: “I may appear to be a touch girlie, but I’m not when I’m in the ring. I’m an aggressive combatant that is fun to watch. People may look at me and question me, but I’ll persuade them otherwise.”

Both Germaine Brown and Jamal Le Doux made it to the super-middleweight division.

“I’m smarter, faster, and stronger,” Brown added.

“Whether it’s boxing or a fight, I’m ready for whatever needs to be done,” Le Doux added.

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