Boxing News: Caroline Dubois is ready to take on the finest in the world ‘right immediately,’ vowing to become a dominant champion

Boxing News

Boxing News: Caroline Dubois aims to reign supreme as a world champion after commencing her professional career with the promotional organisation BOXXER. “I want to be the fighter that nobody can touch, nobody can beat, and I know I will,” she says.

Caroline Dubois is ready to face the top lightweights in the world ‘right now,’ as she aspires to become a dominant champion that ‘nobody can beat.’

After joining with promotional team BOXXER, the talented 20-year-old has confirmed her professional debut, with specifics of her debut to be released.

Dubois intends to compete for lightweight belts in a hotly contested class, but he is unconcerned about battling against some of the sport’s best fighters.

“That depth is my weight,” Dubois told Sky Sports.

“Mikaela Mayer, Terri Harper, and Natasha Jonas are on the list. There are a lot of people who look nice, a lot of people who have won world championships, and it’s a crowded division.

“I’m looking forward to becoming a part of it.

“It feels like we’re still waiting for that No. 1,” says the narrator.

“I feel like the level that is in my weight, I can equal it with the best of them straight away now,” Dubois replied when asked how quickly she can be moved.

Dubois was denied the opportunity to move beyond the quarter-finals of the Tokyo Olympics after losing a split decision to Thailand’s Sudaporn Seesondee.

But, according to Dubois, this rare setback has only fueled her desire to build a long unblemished pro fighting record.

“The disappointment of the Olympics has given me a lot of appetites,” the former Team GB boxer stated.

“I still feel like I have a lot to prove. I genuinely want to learn. I wish to improve.

“I want to be the fighter that no one can touch or beat, and I am confident that I will.

“A coach at Sheffield once told me, ‘If you realise how amazing you are, you’ll be unbeatable,’ and I still feel like I’m discovering how good I am.”

Claressa Shields, America’s multi-weight world champion, has joined Dubois in BOXXER’s promotional stable, and she hopes to achieve comparable success in the sport.

“I want to leave an impression on people. Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Muhammad Ali, and others like them are people that come to mind when you think about boxing “Dubois stated.

“You don’t consider their weight or anything like that; all you say is, “He was a good boxer.” I’d like the same thing to be stated about myself.

“I believe I have the potential to move up or even down. We’ll have to wait and see. I’m still young, still developing, and I have a lot of promise ahead of me.

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