Boxing News: Anthony Joshua puts his world titles on the line against Oleksandr Usyk, but who will win tonight?

Boxing News

Boxing News: Tonight, Anthony Joshua defends his world titles against Oleksandr Usyk, but will Britain’s heavyweight champion prevail? The Panel of Experts has given their predictions…

Joshua defends his WBA, IBF, and WBO titles against Usyk, the former undisputed cruiserweight champion.

Will Joshua keep his undisputed world title fight against Tyson Fury on track, or will Usyk pull off a shocking upset?

Adam Smith

I’m calling the battle, therefore I don’t like to make predictions. We call it exactly as we see it. Anthony Joshua, I believe, is the fight’s favourite, and properly so. He’s now a two-time world heavyweight champion who has recovered from a defeat.

Oleksandr Usyk has a lot of issues to answer, particularly at heavyweight, where he hasn’t looked great so far against Chazz Witherspoon and Derek Chisora, but he’s a winner and unbeaten. If he can get into a groove with his evasive southpaw technique, he might make Joshua’s bout difficult.

Matthew Macklin

Joshua cannot be careless, but I believe he will catch Usyk and potentially knock him out late in the fight.

AJ must use caution. He may receive a brief look in the opening round since he cannot afford to over-reach and be counterpunched.

Once the first round is through and Joshua has established his distance, I believe he’ll get to work and apply pressure.

Joshua is a huge guy who hits hard. I just think he’ll catch Usyk, and with someone as powerful as Joshua, he’ll either knock him out or stop him.

Carl Froch

I don’t think this fight will reach the distance. I believe AJ supports Usyk, bullies him, tyres him out, and then stops him.

I don’t think AJ will be able to catch him early because Usyk will be highly skilled with his southpaw talents. AJ needs to wear him down with his extra weight and size before he can truly take over.

AJ will absolutely destroy him, in my opinion. Later on, he’ll either knock him out with one punch or force a stoppage.

George Groves

I believe Joshua will score a crushing blow that will serve as a wake-up call for Usyk in the heavyweight class. Usyk is giving up a little too much natural size for this fight, and I believe Joshua has some momentum behind him and will likely win by stoppage.

Having said that, I would not rule out a Usyk triumph. If Usyk survives the first three rounds and settles into the fight, Joshua and his camp may have some serious issues to deal with. I believe Usyk will be stopped in the second half of the fight.

Johnny Nelson

Anthony Joshua is victorious via stoppage. Usyk will try to force AJ to work at a faster pace than he’s used to, but when Usyk realises he’s not undermining AJ’s confidence or causing AJ to make bad mistakes, he’ll become desperate in the second part of the fight.

Usyk will try to apply more pressure after the sixth round when Joshua will most likely be ahead on the scorecards. That’s when things start to get interesting, and you’ll start seeing knockdowns.

Dave Coldwell

If Oleksandr Usyk is the heavyweight I’ve seen thus far, AJ will win the fight. However, we may see a different Usyk. Usyk is the one who sets traps and makes opponents work so hard.

AJ possesses a quick jab. It’s a ferocious heavyweight jab. I believe he will try to put Usyk off balance early on and will target the body to slow him down and take away his sharpness.

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