Boxing News: Anthony Joshua on Tyson Fury’s ‘journey’ and why Oleksandr Usyk’s defeat ‘hurts’ him: ‘I was born to be a champion

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Boxing News: Anthony Joshua has threatened Tyson Fury that if they do not meet in the ring, he will “go on the road to being the indisputable champion.”

Joshua will first face Oleksandr Usyk in a rematch, in which he will seek vengeance and reclaim his IBF, WBA, and WBO heavyweight titles.

WBC champion Fury has been ordered to negotiate a mandatory defence against Dillian Whyte by the regulatory body.

“I was supposed to face [Fury] last August,” Joshua says of the fantasy all-British undisputed title battle.

“I want the next best if I don’t get to fight the guy I’m supposed to fight.”

“Usyk rose from cruiserweight to become a brilliant 12-round boxer.

“It was always assumed that I couldn’t box since I was a big, rigid bodybuilder.

“‘OK, cool,’ I said.

“I won three rounds, whereas Usyk won nine.

“I will win the next fight if I win four more rounds. Allow me to simplify the situation.

“After that, I’ll get back on track to being the unquestioned champion.”

Joshua is looking for his third world heavyweight title after his first was cut short by Andy Ruiz Jr, a result he avenged just six months later.

He’ll face the undefeated Usyk, a former Olympic gold medalist, undisputed cruiserweight champion, and one of just three fighters to win world titles in both of boxing’s major weight classes.

Joshua, on the other hand, is optimistic: “I have a place on the big stage. I am a champion, and my name belongs among the names of this generation. You’ll understand why.

“I might not have lost if I hadn’t fought the best.

“People have high expectations of me, so their surprise is understandable. I, too, have big aspirations.

“I never made excuses when I lost the first time, but I had a reason.

“I accepted my defeat, knowing that I would be repaid.

“But this one was very painful. There were no issues; I simply lost to the night’s better man. However, it provided me with the impetus I needed to get out of that situation.

“I’m going to make amends.”

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