Boxing News: Amir Khan sounds ‘negative,’ according to Kell Brook, who warns that his rival’s new training setup will not work

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Boxing News: Kell Brook believes Amir Khan “messed around” leading up to their fight and is now sounding “negative” in his current training camp.

Brook and Khan’s 17-year rivalry will be concluded on February 19 in Manchester, in one of the best all-British fights currently available.

Brook has been jogging in the Fuerteventura sunlight while Khan has been running in the snow in the Colorado mountains with his new trainer Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre and former opponent Terence Crawford.

Brook told Sky Sports that he notices Khan’s flaws: “Amir mentions that he has a few niggles. He’s making it clear that he’s pessimistic.

“I’d like to inform Khan that the fans have been yearning for this match for years.

“Even if I have two broken hands, I will show up.”

Last week, Khan told Sky Sports: “All elite athletes, whether men and women suffer from injuries. I’m suffering from pains and bruises, but I’m determined to conquer them.”

Brook went on to say: “When we got contracts over the line, he fooled around.

“Now that we’ve set a date, let’s get this war going. On February 19, I want him to be the best he can be.

“The fans have waited much too long. I’ve waited much too long.

“I’m more than eager to prove that I’m the finest in the world.

“Amir will be a distant memory after this fight.”

Both Khan and Brook have lost world title fights to Crawford, the unbeaten pound-for-pound phenom whose trainer McIntyre is now backing Khan.

“After seeing what Crawford did to Kell, I believe Amir can do the same,” McIntyre added.

Brook countered: “No, I don’t think so.

“Amir keeps mentioning his trainer and the fact that he has world champions in his camp.

“My trainer, Dominic Ingle, has known me since I was a teenager. He knows everything there is to know about me. He knows when to push me, when to back off, and when I need to take a break.

“Amir stated that he hasn’t taken a day off in over a month.

“A relaxation is just as good as a rigorous workout.” The body requires rest. His trainer has never worked with him before and has no idea how to motivate Amir.

“We don’t have any justifications.”

“It’s all gossip,” Brook responded to Khan’s accusation that he is “bitter.” Allow him to believe it if he so desires.

“He’s living in a fantasy world.” He is a huge fan of the media. That’s exactly what he’s all about.

“I put these gloves on to become the world champion and the greatest in my sport, not for the cameras to flash.”

Khan has been training at altitude in the United States, while Brook has been riding between the gym and his villa in the Canary Islands, where he has spent several of his training camps, resting by the pool.

Brook issued a warning: “I’m torturing myself to death.

“This conflict will live on in the minds of those who know me. This vengeance battle has been years in the making.

“This fight has been a long time coming for the fans.”

Ben Shalom, the promoter of BOXXER, has disclosed that Khan and Brook will be fined a six-figure sum for each pound they weigh more than the contracted weight of 149 pounds.

Brook claimed, “I’ve always made weight.”

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