Boxing News: After Sven Elbir withdraws owing to a positive coronavirus test, Chris Eubank Jr will face Anatoli Muratov

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Boxing News: After Sven Elbir tested positive for coronavirus, Chris Eubank Jr will now face Anatoli Muratov on Saturday, live on Sky Sports.

Britain’s middleweight contender returns on Saturday at The SSE Arena in Wembley, and a win would keep Eubank Jr on track for a WBA title opportunity this year.

Muratov, his new opponent, is ranked No. 7 by the WBA after winning 24 of his 27 fights, racking up 17 knockouts and losing only twice.

Eubank Jr. claims he is more motivated than ever to achieve his world title dreams after witnessing his pal Anthony Joshua lose his belts in a unanimous points defeat to Oleksandr Usyk on Saturday.

“I’m ecstatic,” said Eubank Jr.

“Anthony Joshua is obviously a friend of mine. I’m disappointed that he lost, but it’s part of the game. We’ve all been in that situation.

“This, if anything, motivates me to fight even harder. I understand how he feels right now.

“The first thing on your mind is to get back in the ring and win. We’re going to put on a great show.”

In May, Eubank Jr defeated Marcus Morrison on points in his first bout with new trainer Roy Jones Jr.

The 32-year-old claims he resisted the urge to demand an early stoppage, but he intends to act ruthlessly this weekend.

“I can be anyone I want to be,” Eubank Jr. said to Sky Sports. “It all depends on what I’m attempting to do on any particular night.”

“On that particular night, I wanted to complete 10 rounds.” I wanted to know what it was like to have Roy Jones on my side, to listen to his advice, and to shake off some of that ring rust.

“I hadn’t been in the ring in a long, long time.”

“Would I have been able to stop the conflict sooner?” Yes, but it wasn’t my intention.

“That will not always be the case. Fighters must recognise that this was a one-of-a-kind occurrence. Most of the time, if I perceive an opportunity, I’ll seize it. You’re going to leave.

“That wasn’t the case on that occasion, but in my next performance, I’ll be seeking for the stoppage early.”

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