Boxing News: After arduous training in the frigid mountains, Amir Khan says “I feel 25 again” and is tipped to KO Kell Brook by his new trainer

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Boxing News: Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre, Amir Khan’s new trainer who has previously predicted Brook’s demise, has endorsed him to knock out Kell Brook.

Khan and Brook will resolve their long-running rivalry, which dates back to their teenage years, on February 19 in Manchester, in the largest all-British battle outside of the heavyweight category.

Khan spent his training camp in the United States, with his previous opponent Terence Crawford and under the watchful eye of trainer BoMac.

When BoMac overcame Khan and Brook, he was in the corner of pound-for-pound phenom Crawford.

Khan, he told Sky Sports, can follow Crawford’s lead by halting Brook: “I feel he is capable.”

“After witnessing Crawford’s treatment of Kell, I feel Amir is capable of doing the same.

“Brook will go to any length to win.” That’s how we refer to the storm.

“Once you’ve been through the storm?” After that, it’s all downhill.

“You have to mentally prepare yourself for that.” ‘This is the storm we talked about in the gym,’ we say from the corner.”

Khan and Brook need to weigh in at 149 pounds (two pounds over the welterweight limit), and BOXXER promoter Ben-Shalom has warned that if they fail to do so, they will be fined a six-figure sum.

“Weight won’t be an issue,” Khan said, despite the fact that he presently weighs 159 pounds with six weeks to go.

He’s been sparring four-minute bouts with only 30 seconds of a break in between, as well as running four miles through the icy Colorado Rockies with BoMac following him in a car and keeping track of his progress.

At 7,000 feet, he told Sky Sports, “My chest is burning, but this is what makes you a champion.”

Khan, who is 35 years old, is adamant that he can halt Brook: “I am more sure.”

“I’ve sparred with Crawford a few times and worked on my mitts with BoMac.

“It’s back!” exclaims the narrator. I feel like I’m back in my twenties or thirties, at the pinnacle of my profession.

“I don’t think Brook will be able to beat me.”

“I’m a more capable fighter.” I’ve faced tougher opponents before.

“I’ll stay calm, don’t overthink things, and don’t become overconfident. But I know what I’m going to do. I’ve been in a similar situation before.

“Kell is taking it seriously, which I appreciate. We want to put up a big battle for the supporters.

“We’ll be in top shape.”

Khan, a former unified super-lightweight world champion, has not fought in nearly three years.

Khan notably trained under Freddie Roach and Virgil Hunter in the United States, but he has now embraced BoMac’s new tactics, which have concentrated on fine-tuning Khan’s ability to fight at close quarters.

“You want to make sure he has it in the bank in case he needs to cash a check,” BoMac explained.

“It’s in the memory bank, so if Brook tries to stay on top and Khan has to fight on the inside, he’ll be ready because he trained with us.”

“We worked on it, so I won’t have to say anything new to him in the corner.”

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