Boxing News: According to promoter Frank Warren, Tommy Fury’s rematch with Jake Paul could take place in the UK

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Boxing News: Promoter Frank Warren has given Jake Paul a rematch with Tommy Fury in the United Kingdom; the YouTuber defeated Tyron Woodley through split decision, while the British contender defeated Anthony Taylor on points on the same night.

Jake Paul’s grudge with Tommy Fury could be resolved in the United Kingdom, as promoter Frank Warren is ready to finalise the fight’s parameters.

After defeating Tyron Woodley in a split decision on Sunday night, the YouTuber indicated that he would be taking a break from the sport by updating his status to ‘Retired boxer.’

On the same bill, Fury defeated Anthony Taylor on points before colliding with Paul, who inked a multi-fight deal with Showtime in May.

“Yes, it may happen next,” Fury’s promoter Frank Warren told Sky Sports. “We’d attempt to get it in the UK.”

Although Fury has a seven-fight unbeaten record, Paul, who is also undefeated in four fights, believes Fury is a less dangerous opponent than Woodley.

“Fury is supposed to be this big, scary guy from a great pedigree, but I got in his face,” Paul joked as they talked backstage.

“I paid him to come here.” I gave him the chance to shine.

“He’ll be a lot easier to beat than Tyron Woodley.”

“I’ve heard he’s a real boxer,’ so let’s go for it.”

By posting the question, “Should I make him my next son?” the social media celebrity seemed to imply that Fury could be in his future plans.

Fury has delivered his own critical assessment of Paul’s heated brawl.

“He would have walked right past me if he hadn’t had his security crew with him,” Fury claimed.

“He’s large in front of the camera, yet he’s small on his own.”

“There came a point in that corridor when everything between his security and my squad was going off.” It was just me and him in the room.

“I stared death in his eyes. He doesn’t want to know if the cameras aren’t present.”

Fury, on the other hand, is looking forward to sharing the ring with Paul in the coming months.

“I’m ready to fight if you want to fight,” Fury responded. “There will be no running or playing.

“If you don’t want to fight, that’s fine. Simply state it. Put people’s minds at ease.

“I’m looking for a battle.”

“I’ve done my part, and he’s done his.” Why not have a fight after that? It’s on everyone’s lips right now.”

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