Boxing News: According to promoter Ben-Shalom, Chris Eubank Jr has shown Anthony Joshua that changing up a training regimen may work

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Boxing News: According to promoter Ben Shalom, Chris Eubank Jr is proof that bravely reinvigorating a training plan may lead to success.

On New Year’s Eve, Eubank Jr and Joshua trained side by side in preparation for a pivotal year in their respective careers.

Eubank Jr will face Liam Williams in a live on Sky Sports all-British grudge contest in Cardiff on February 5th, pending Welsh government approval.

In his corner will be boxing star Roy Jones Jr, who has a lot of expertise.

Joshua has spent time training with different US-based trainers after losing to Oleksandr Usyk, and he retains Rob McCracken’s experience.

“Chris has proven that it can work,” said Shalom of BOXXER, who is also promoting Eubank Jr’s fight with Williams alongside Wasserman Boxing.

“We’ll see in the real tests in the following 12 months.”

“It was a chance for two elite athletes to spend time together.”

“They’re all gearing up for a huge year.” They’ve both undergone significant transformations.

“Chris is nearing the end of his career, when he’ll have to truly turn the screw.

“Anthony has a lot of thinking to do and a major transitional year ahead of him.”

“Chris has never had a coach. He had no desire for one! The George Groves bout drew some criticism for this.

“Was he being directed by someone?” What method did he use to learn?

“He needed advice from someone who had already been there and done that.”

Since adding Jones Jr, a former opponent of his father’s, to his corner, Eubank Jr has outpointed Marcus Morrison and broken the rib of Wanik Awdijan with a body shot.

Joshua has been training with legendary coaches Virgil Hunter, Eddy Reynoso, and Ronnie Shields since losing his world heavyweight championships to Usyk.

“McCracken has done an incredible job with AJ – it’s incredible how they got from the Olympics to becoming two-time heavyweight champions together,” Shalom remarked.

“It’s easy to forget what Rob has done for AJ. They’ve accomplished incredible feats.

“At different stages, fighters may seek different things.”

This year, Joshua will face Usyk for the second time.

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