Boxing News: According to opponent Anthony Taylor, Tommy Fury is “not cut from the same cloth” as his brother Tyson Fury

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Boxing News: “Tommy Fury isn’t needed by Jake Paul,” Anthony Taylor says. “Until the beginning of this year, he’d never heard of Tommy. Tommy is unconcerned about me. He’s thinking about Jake at the moment. Is he aware that he will be battling on August 29?”

Tommy Fury is a “disrespect to the sport” who will never be able to match Tyson Fury’s achievements, according to his next opponent Anthony Taylor.

On August 29, the WBC heavyweight champion’s younger brother, who rose to stardom thanks to reality television, will try to extend his unbeaten record to seven fights against Taylor, an MMA fighter.

The bout in Ohio is on the undercard of former UFC champion Tyron Woodley’s battle with YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul.

“You don’t expect Michael Jordan’s children to follow in his footsteps. Tommy isn’t going to be the next Tyson, so don’t hold your breath “Taylor, a Bellator competitor, told Sky Sports about his opponent.

“They’re simply not made of the same stuff.

“He is a disgrace to the game. He isn’t a boxer in the traditional sense. A boxer does not confront opponents with a record of 10 victories and 126 losses!

“Ryan Garcia doesn’t fight guys on his debut with zero victories and 26 losses.

“Tell me I can’t beat the fighters Tommy has already defeated.

“Who was Tommy if Tyson hadn’t mentioned his brother’s name? We were completely unaware that Tyson had a boxing brother!”

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul may be on the verge of a fight after a vicious social media feud led into challenges to fight inside the ring.

“He’ll receive a fast right hand for every bad thing he’s said,” Fury previously told Sky Sports.

“I’m going to break every bone in his face,” says the narrator.

Sky Sports quoted Paul as saying: “He does it because his father ordered him to. He lacks the true heart and determination of a true fighter.

“He’s doing it because his brother did it before him. It’s something his father did, and it’s something he sees as a chance to make money.

“I’m going to expose him if we ever go into the ring.”

Both combatants agreed that a future battle is unavoidable, but Taylor, who will make his professional boxing debut after sparring with Paul, could derail their plans.

“Tommy isn’t required by Jake. Until the beginning of this year, he’d never heard of Tommy “Taylor said.

“Tommy is unconcerned about me. He’s thinking about Jake at the moment. Is he aware that he will be battling on August 29? He just wants to show up.

“He isn’t a true fighter since he doesn’t battle those types of opponents.

“He hails from a family of fighters, including Tyson and his father. These are decent individuals. I give him credit for what he’s done.

“[I’ll win] by TKO in the second round. I’m going to be the star of the show.

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