Boxing News: According to head trainer Malik Scott, Deontay Wilder has more than “one weapon” for his world title battle against Tyson Fury

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Boxing News: According to Deontay Wilder’s new head trainer, Malik Scott, the American now has more “weapons” to defeat Tyson Fury in their third world heavyweight title battle.

Wilder will seek to reclaim the WBC belt against Fury this Saturday, who stopped him in the seventh round in their rematch last February.

Scott, on the other hand, believes the ‘Bronze Bomber’ is an even more dangerous proposition now that he has taken the lead in the training camp.

“Obviously, I’m a student of the game,” his new trainer stated at the final press conference.

“In my opinion, Deontay Wilder has ruled the heavyweight category, had ten defences and was only using one weapon, on occasion two or three.” He became satisfied with knocking people out with only one weapon, his right hand.

“What I did was go to his toolbox and pull out what he does well.” Deontay Wilder is capable of doing it all. I basically drew a lot of information from him during training camp. I made certain that we drilled him with purpose.”

Wilder feels confidence in his choice of Scott, a former opponent, to manage his corner in Las Vegas.

“I trust my brother with my life in the same way that he trusts me with his.” I’d give him my shirt off my back if he did the same for me. “That’s the way it’s always been since the initial connection,” he explained.

“Even when we battled, it pulled us closer than ever before.” Boxing necessitates the presence of persons in the sport whom you can put your trust in.

“This is a business-driven sport.” You never know who might be resentful or envious of you in particular circumstances.”

Wilder and Fury fought to a contentious draw in their first fight in 2018, with many believing the British star had done enough to get the decision.

Fury changed his strategy for the rematch, teaming up with trainer Sugarhill Steward, who believes the 33-year-old can be even more dominant in the trilogy fight.

“Tyson Fury is unstoppable when he is prepared.” “Tyson Fury is well aware of Deontay Wilder,” Steward remarked.

“It’s all about being sharp, staying focused, and learning.” Boxing is a sport where there is always something new to learn. Tyson is having a good time learning and having fun.

“Trying to be the best, to be perfect at everything you do, that just makes Tyson Fury better.” “I’m looking forward to this Saturday.”

Fury has praised Steward’s influence ahead of a career-defining night at the T-Mobile Arena.

“We have a fantastic relationship. To have a healthy relationship, you must have strong communication, which is the most crucial aspect of our life. That’s something Sugarhill and I have figured out “Fury stated.

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