Boxing News: According to co-promoter Dmitriy Salita, George Arias is a new heavyweight danger who could be headed to the UK

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Boxing News: With a “breakout win,” George Arias has established himself as one of the “top growing heavyweights” and could now pursue a British opponent, according to co-promoter Dmitriy Salita.

With a career-best win against previously unbeaten contender Cassius Chaney earlier this month, the New York-based fighter has added to his burgeoning profile.

Arias, who is co-promoted by Salita and Lou DiBella, defeated Chaney on points, extending his spotless record to 17 wins.

Salita told Sky Sports, “It was undoubtedly a breakout win.” “George has demonstrated a drive to push himself and face the best opponents available.

“With the victory, he has demonstrated that he is one of the top up-and-coming heavyweights in the world.”

“From the first through the tenth round, I was amazed by George’s athleticism, speed, and ability to fight at a high pace while sitting ringside.”

“You get a lot of support coming from New York,” he told Sky Sports. “There will be a lot of buzz in New York, and your name will get out there sooner.”

“To be the world’s first Dominican heavyweight champion.” That is my primary goal in my profession.”

As long as Arias continues to win in the top weight class, Salita is convinced that interest in him will grow.

“George has all of the ingredients and the tale to establish a bond with boxing fans all around the world and become a household figure in the heavyweight class,” he said.

“From the Morris Park boxing gym in the Bronx to winning the Golden Gloves at Madison Square Garden to now upgrading from prospect to contender, his boxing path has been fascinating and will continue to expand with his successes inside the ring.”

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