Boxing News: According to Ben-Shalom, Viddal Riley will ‘break away’ from YouTuber boxing

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Boxing News: According to promoter Ben-Shalom, Viddal Riley will “break away” from the YouTuber boxing environment where he established his name and prove himself to be one of the “real guys.”

Riley, a cruiserweight prospect, will return to the ring with Sky Sports Boxing and BOXXER after enhancing his image – and his own strong social media presence – while training KSI for a rematch victory against YouTube opponent Logan Paul.

He also prepared AnEsonGib for a new social media confrontation with Jake Paul, who resumes his professional boxing career on Saturday with a rematch against Tyron Woodley.

Riley’s promoter Shalom stated of YouTuber boxing, “He’s doing his hardest to break away from that.”

“Jake is a capable fighter given his experience, but he is not a serious boxer.

“Boxing has several levels.

“He wants to separate himself from these parallels and be recognised as a great boxer in his own right, which he will achieve over time.”

Riley has fought twice in Las Vegas and is undefeated in four fights.

His fame has soared as a result of his relationship with KSI and the Paul brothers, but he is now focused on restarting his own ascent.

“What’s fantastic about Viddal is that he gets the best of both worlds,” Shalom explained.

“However, in his opinion, he prefers to avoid comparisons and focus on the serious cruiserweights from around the world, such as Richard Riakporhe and Lawrence Okolie.”

“He aspires to be up there with them one day.”

Riley is better than Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, according to Shalom: “I truly believe he is.”

“Viddal is the first genuine YouTuber who is also a real professional boxer with real talent.
That has been misunderstood.

“What makes this so thrilling is the trip he can take.”

“Viddal is a serious businessman. If you ask anyone who has seen him at Team GB, they will tell you that he is a good indication. People in the Mayweather Promotions gym are raving about him.”

Riley, who won amateur fights against Daniel Dubois and Chris Billam-Smith, previously stated about his involvement with the YouTuber scene, “Boxing has always been the focus.” That has been misunderstood.”

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