Boxing: Michael Hunter is held to a draw, while Cassius Chaney, a fellow heavyweight contender, suffers his first loss in New York

Source: Skysports

Boxing: Michael Hunter and Jerry Forrest fought to a split decision draw, while Cassius Chaney was defeated by George Arias on a split decision, and Trey Lippe Morrison was stopped in the first round by Mike Balogun.

As the American heavyweight contender clung to his dreams of gaining a world title shot, Michael Hunter fought Jerry Forrest to a split decision draw.

Hunter’s face was swollen after a gruelling battle in which he was forced to dig deep in the final round to salvage a 96-94 score, while the other judge gave it to Forrest 96-94 and the final judge gave it to Hunter 95-95 in New York.

The Las Vegas-based fighter told Sky Sports earlier this month that he was eyeing a rematch with unified champion Oleksandr Usyk, who had handed him his solitary loss.

“The fact that it’s in Usyk’s hands and it might stay there provides me an opportunity to capture all the belts,” Hunter told Sky Sports earlier this month. That is why I am here.

“I’d like to face the best and earn these prestigious labels, but at the end of the day, all I want is to be undisputed – and that’s exactly what I’m aiming for.”

On the same card, Cassius Chaney lost his first fight to fellow unbeaten competitor George Arias by split decision.

Over the course of ten rounds, Chaney was outworked by Arias, who won two of the scorecards.

Trey Lippe Morrison, the son of former world heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison, was stopped in the first round by Mike Balogun, ending his perfect record.

Morrison was knocked out by a massive left hand, staggered across the ring, and the referee waved it off.

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