Boxing Match: Terence Crawford responds to Shawn Porter’s comments ahead of the WBO world title match

Boxing Match
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Boxing Match: Terence Crawford said it was “not accurate” that he had previously avoided a battle with Shawn Porter, and he called out “a falsehood” about his opponent’s preparation.

The suspense is building in the days leading up to Crawford’s WBO welterweight title defence against Porter, which begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday.

Porter, a former two-time champion, claimed a previous offer to fight was turned down, but Crawford now tells Sky Sports: “No, that’s not true.”

“The truth is that when they invited me to fight, it was only talking; there was no offer.”

“They turned down the fight when [my promoters] Top Rank offered it to them because they wanted more money.”

“Then Shawn and I talked on the phone, and he asked what I felt about a possible battle with him.”

“I told him that if I couldn’t get the Manny Pacquiao fight, we’d come back to it.” We’re here because I didn’t get the Pacquiao fight.”

At a news conference on Wednesday night, the challenger’s father and trainer, Kenny Porter, stated that they had focused on themselves rather than Crawford, to which the champion said, “That’s a lie.” “It’s unmistakably a falsehood.”

Porter also speculated that Crawford might be irritated by social media. “I don’t care why he says the things he says,” he said. “What is the point of caring about a tweet?”

The adversaries did not meet face to face when they met for the first time this week, and Crawford spoke on the gradual erosion of respect between them ahead of Friday’s weigh-in head-to-head: “Definitely. When we signed the contract, it was gone.

“I don’t have to degrade him or speak negatively about him. But we’re both aware.

“In the ring, there are no friends. The guy across from you is attempting to sever your head. I’m attempting to sever his head.”

Porter has fought Crawford’s archrival Errol Spence Jr., as well as Yordenis Ugas, Kell Brook, Danny Garcia, Paulie Malignaggi, and Adrien Broner.

Crawford’s hardest opponent yet is expected to be Crawford’s most experienced opponent.

“We’ll see if this is the most difficult fight of my career,” Crawford remarked.

“I’ve met a lot of folks who felt the last couple of battles would be the most difficult. But we won’t know for sure until we step into the ring.

“I don’t usually listen, but I do pay attention since it means I won’t miss anything.

“I feel, deep down in my heart, that there are many things I haven’t shown yet because I didn’t have to at the time. There are some abilities I haven’t had to demonstrate.

“Porter might be able to bring those out. There will be more to come. I’m getting there.

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