Boxing: Keyshawn Davis has vowed to fulfil his ‘destiny’ as a world champion after resuming his professional career with Top Rank

Source: Skysports

Boxing: After relaunching his pro career with Top Rank, America’s red-hot prospect Keyshawn Davis has pledged to fulfil his “destiny” by becoming an uncontested world champion.

At this summer’s Tokyo Olympics, the precocious 22-year-old displayed his dazzling skills, returning with a silver medal after winning a lightweight final against the legendary Cuban Andy Cruz.

Top Rank won the battle for Davis’ signing, while his older brother Kelvin Davis also pledged his future to the promotional organisation.

Davis’ voice is filled with excitement as he discusses the next step in his already successful boxing career.

The Virginia native known as ‘The Businessman’ was certain that Top Rank was the best match for him and his boxing family now that his amateur days were over.

“I feel like other promoters were simply interested in me,” Davis told Sky Sports, “but I carry a brand with my brothers, our brand DB3.”

“I feel like Top Rank was a no-brainer; they understood the importance of the brand and gave us an amazing bargain.”

Davis and his brothers were focused on this, despite the fact that he had a well-deserved rest and received more public attention than usual.

“I had a lot of catching up to do after the Olympics, and I needed to get back into the swing of things. I had been on the road for two months “He stated.

“My city and state have been extremely kind to me. People stare at me, demand a picture with me, or congratulate me every time I leave the house.

“The affection is different today, and I feel like I’m already a celebrity. I appear to have garnered even more respect than I had before.

“When I got home, I let myself two and a half weeks to relax, though I was watching my weight to make sure it didn’t skyrocket because I was in the best form of my life following the Olympics. You don’t want to lose all of your momentum.”

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