Boxing: Jake Paul has challenged Floyd Mayweather after the ring veteran knocks out Don Moore in an exhibition battle in Abu Dhabi

Source: Skysports

Boxing: Floyd Mayweather returned to the ring for an exhibition bout against longtime sparring partner Don Moore, who was knocked out in the final round, and Jake Paul then challenged Anderson Silva, the former world champion and ex-UFC star.

Jake Paul took to social media to challenge Floyd Mayweather after the boxing star knocked out Don Moore in a one-sided exhibition match in Abu Dhabi.

The 45-year-old returned to the ring against Moore, putting on a punishing display of his skills by dropping his former sparring partner with a body shot in the last minutes of the eight-round bout, though no points or a winner were proclaimed.

Following the fight, social media sensation Jake Paul challenged Mayweather and former UFC champion Anderson Silva, who was competing in an exhibition bout on the same card.

Last summer, Mayweather was chastised for failing to knock out Logan Paul, Jake’s older brother, in a high-profile exhibition bout in Miami.

In the fifth round, though, the former world champion showed much more rage, threatening to overwhelm Moore with a barrage of punches.

Mayweather seized the ring card and paraded it around the ring after the sixth round before injuring Moore with an uppercut in the seventh.

Moore was knocked down in the eighth round by a brutal hit and was lucky to make it to the last minute as Mayweather continued to throw strikes.

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