Boxing: In a rematch against Joseph Parker, Derek Chisora was knocked down and pummelling, but he swears not to quit

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Boxing: In their heavyweight rematch in Manchester on Saturday night, Derek Chisora was knocked out and punished by Joseph Parker with a flurry of hard punches.

Parker scored three knockdowns but was only able to win by unanimous decision thanks to Chisora’s tenacity in making it to the final bell despite absorbing a beating.

The cult legend of British heavyweight boxing is now 37 years old and has lost three fights in a row, but he has determined not to retire.

Parker won their first fight by the split decision earlier this year, but he took control of the rematch from the third round onwards when a powerful uppercut put Chisora in trouble.

In the fourth round, Parker delivered the same blow that sent Chisora sprawling towards the ropes for the first knockdown. Against all odds, Chisora made it through the round, even firing his own risky bullets.

In the fifth round, Parker landed his third devastating uppercut. In the sixth, he landed a crisp right hand.

In the seventh round, Parker, a former WBO champion from New Zealand, used his uppercut to crumple Chisora onto his hands and knees once more.

Chisora was driven into pure survival mode, but he managed to dodge the knockout once more, and he ended the round with a bang by flooding forwards in desperation.

In the ninth round, another Parker uppercut sent Chisora down for the third time.

Parker received 115-110, 115-113, and 114-112 from the judges.

Chisora promised later, “I’ll be back in the summer,” refusing to call it a day on his career.

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