Boxing: If Jake Paul faced Tommy Fury, he would fight in the same style as Oleksandr Usyk, according to Anthony Taylor

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Boxing: If Jake Paul had fought Tommy Fury, he would have looked like Oleksandr Usyk inside the ring, according to the Brit’s former opponent Anthony Taylor.

Due to “a severe chest infection and a damaged rib,” Fury withdrew from meeting Paul and was replaced by Tyron Woodley on Saturday night.

Fury’s withdrawal was dubbed an “embarrassment” by YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul, while Taylor launched a verbal attack on the British competitor, who defeated him on points in August.

“He’s a complete newbie. He was only taller than I was “Taylor, who has sparred with Paul, agreed. “He isn’t a knockout puncher.

“It would have been the same fight as Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk if Jake had fought Tommy. Usyk moves in the same way that Jake does. Jake brushed up against Tyron Woodley, touching every nook and cranny of the ring.

“Tommy has greater cardio than Jake. His IQ and awareness have improved.”

“The true reason is that his conditioning was not on track,” Taylor said of Fury’s decision not to face Paul.

“I fought Tommy, and his cardio was non-existent, even in crucial rounds.” He had six weeks to get in shape, although it usually takes longer.

“Big John Fury was well aware of this, and I’m certain he pulled the trigger on this fight because he was concerned about Tommy’s cardio.”

On the undercard to Paul’s split decision victory over Woodley, Tommy Fury defeated Taylor.

Due to Fury’s withdrawal, Paul will now meet Woodley in a rematch this weekend. Woodley is undefeated in seven fights.

“Tommy has no remorse.” “He isn’t conceited,” Taylor stated. “He’s not Tyson Fury,” says the ring announcer. Tommy is a good child, young and promising, with the potential to be a world champion in seven years.

“But what about now?” He’s way out of his depth. His father and Tyson are praising him. In terms of trash talk and boxing, he’s a notch below Jake.”

Paul has hinted that he would think twice about fighting Fury again next year.

“I don’t think Paul will ever face Fury,” Taylor stated when asked if he expected Paul to fight Fury. Facts. Because Tommy isn’t very good at marketing. He isn’t someone who can be promoted.

“He’s only useful for getting Tyson in the same room with you!”

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