Boxing Fight: ‘She knows I punch really hard and I’m far faster,’ Claressa Shields said of Savannah Marshall’s ‘I hit harder’ assertion

Boxing Fight
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Boxing Fight: Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall have both inked deals with Sky Sports and BOXXER. Shields claims, “It will hurt a lot of people’s feelings when I beat her because they will know that she has no power.”

Claressa Shields has responded to the “myth” that her opponent Savannah Marshall is a better puncher, promising to “knock her down” when they ultimately fight.

The world champions are part of Sky Sports Boxing’s new era with BOXXER, and both are looking forward to next year’s “greatest bout in women’s boxing history,” according to Marshall.

Their rivalry dates back to Marshall’s amateur victory over Shields, which is the only time the illustrious American has lost in his illustrious career.

“I’m smarter and hit harder,” Marshall declared, but Shields has now told Sky Sports exclusively: “I can knock out Marshall, and she knows it.” She’s well aware that I punch hard and move quickly.

“Savannah has this thing where she is either ‘on’ or ‘off,’ which her coaches are aware of. To even compete with me, she needs to be at 100%. She really cannot afford to have a poor night.

“What if she’s ‘on?'” In the early rounds, you’ll see a competitive fight, and then I’ll smash her down.

“Does she think she’s wiser than me?” We were in both Olympics together, and while she didn’t win a medal, guess who did?

“Does she punch too hard?” It’s a fabrication.

“I’m a 12-time champion, and she’s only won once.”

“To claim she’s a better fighter than me doesn’t make logic.”

Shields won the Olympics in 2012, shortly after losing to Marshall in the amateur competition, and then again in 2016. She is a three-weight world champion and undisputed in two categories as a professional.

On October 16, Marshall will defend her WBO middleweight belt against Lolita Muzeya.

Shields will resume her mixed martial arts career in October before returning to the arena in December.

Dmitry Salita, a co-promoter for Shields, said: “We want to fight in the United Kingdom before the Savannah bout, and we’re on our way to doing it before the end of the year.

“Following that, we intend to fight Savannah in the next match. That is the plan, and it is what we desire.

“Claressa, being the champion that she is, has no qualms about travelling to Savannah’s hometown in the United Kingdom. She’ll take care of business and bring the four belts home with her.

“She has the potential to be a two-sport superstar, and Savannah would love to be ringside for her MMA bout in October.”

Marshall, according to Shields: “I’m hoping for a fight so she can confront the problem she’s been avoiding.

“Marshall was the opponent we wanted to face in December. But what was she talking about? She isn’t prepared; she requires more time.

“For someone who is a major name in the music industry? She doesn’t appear to be ready to knock me out!

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