Boxing Fight: Michael Hunter ‘talked up’ the Hughie Fury fight, according to promoter Ben Shalom

Boxing Fight
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Boxing Fight: According to promoter Ben-Shalom, Michael Hunter “likes the bout” against Hughie Fury, but no heavyweight has “begged” for it.

Fury wants to make a big splash in the world title picture in 2022 with a big win, but enticing one of the division’s most recognisable names hasn’t been easy.

BOXXER promoter Shalom told Sky Sports, “It’s difficult for Hughie because he’s a heavyweight that everyone wants to avoid.”

“Hunter has been hyping that bout for a while now. He enjoys a good brawl. But I don’t believe it’s a fight that anyone wants.

“Hunter is keen for a job in the UK since he believes he has a lot of room for progress.”

“Hughie is a hard worker who is a lot younger than Hunter.

“This is a fight we’re definitely looking at for Hughie.”

Hunter has his own title dreams, but Jerry Forrest held him to a surprise draw.

‘The Bounty Hunter’ has already visited the United Kingdom to apprehend Martin Bakole.

In a show of his significantly increased punch power, Fury, the cousin of the WBC heavyweight champion, impressively stopped the rough Christian Hammer.

“For Fury’s next opponent, Chris Arreola and Andy Ruiz Jr are also possibilities,” Shalom stated.

“We’re searching for the largest battle possible because Hughie appears to be ready to fight.”

“The problem is that no one wants to fight him.”

“He’s a clumsy fighter who makes any bout difficult. He’s also a lot younger than the other heavyweights, by at least four or five years.

“Right now, we’re talking to two of the biggest promoters in the United States.” We anticipate hearing wonderful news concerning Hughie soon.”

The WBA has Fury ranked No. 4 and the IBF has him ranked No. 13.

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