Boxing Fight: Kazakh heavyweight Zhan Kossobutskiy has been compared to Gennadiy Golovkin because of his ruthless KO run

Boxing Fight
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Boxing Fight: According to manager Ismael zen-Otto, Zhan Kossobutskiy has been compared to Gennadiy Golovkin because of his vengeful knockout streak and his ability to floor ‘world champions’ in sparring.

The Kazakh heavyweight has shown early signs of being able to follow in the footsteps of fellow countryman Gennady Golovkin’s destructive success, having stopped 16 of 17 opponents in his undefeated record.

However, Kossobutskiy’s team believes that contenders who are afraid to jeopardise their title ambitions against the heavy-handed southpaw are purposely stalling his pursuit of a world championship battle.

“Almost no one wants to fight him,” Ozen-Otto, his manager, told Sky Sports.

“It’s rare that anyone dares to spar with Zhan.”

“He’s ready!” Ozen-Otto stated when asked about a future world title shot.

“We’ll have to work our way up the rankings and wait for our chance, but he’s ready.”

Kossobutskiy, who hopes to improve his status with a career-defining fight, is being guided by Golovkin’s previous promotional staff.

“Golovkin made history,” Ozen-Otto stated. “Of course, as a Kazakh and a former Universum boxer, the connection is obvious.

“The main difference is that Golovkin was a lighter-weight boxer, whereas Zhan competes in the Champions League as a heavyweight.

“Zhan is capable of much more. To prove himself and make his name bigger, he simply needs to compete against bigger and better boxers.”

After his most recent victory, a fifth-round stoppage of previously unbeaten contender Alexis Garcia earlier this month, Kossobutskiy has ascended in the WBA rankings.

After tough sparring sessions, Ozen-Otto has intimated that the division’s top fighters are hesitant to confront Kossobutskiy.

He stated, “There is no doubt about his outstanding abilities.” “Statistics aren’t deceiving.

“His amazing quota of 17 battles, in which he knocked out 16 opponents, demonstrates his ability.

“He has knocked down world champions not only in the ring during tournaments but also in sparring.

“However, I don’t want to name any names here out of respect.”

Kossobutskiy is targeting Tyson Fury, the unbeaten WBC champion because he wants to face the best in Britain.

“We’ve always wanted him to face an English heavyweight,” Ozen-Otto explained. “Unfortunately, until today, no one wanted to fight.

“There will be a sensation shortly if all goes well with Tyson Fury and we reach an agreement.”

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