Boxing Fight: Is Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury on the horizon? In a heated backstage brawl, a YouTuber and a reality TV personality collide

Boxing Fight
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Boxing Fight: “Jake Paul realised today how hard the sport of boxing is – I don’t know if you’ll see Jake in the ring again,” says Tommy Fury | YouTuber claims: “No one in boxing history has done fights as big as this in their fourth fight.”

Jake Paul has been accused of provoking a backstage brawl “for the cameras” by Tommy Fury, who claims his opponent may never return to the ring.

Following their individual victories on Sunday night, Paul and his manager argued that a potential fight with Fury “doesn’t make sense.”

Paul, a YouTuber-turned-boxer, noticed that his eight-round fight was twice as long as Fury’s, then said about their fight: “He didn’t have anything to say. Against my sparring partner, he had a dismal performance.

“Fury is meant to be a huge, tough person descended from a great pedigree, but I got in his way.

“He was brought in by me. I gave him the chance to shine.

“He is a less difficult opponent than Tyron Woodley.

“I’ve heard he’s a real boxer,’ so let’s go for it.”

After Fury defeated Anthony Taylor on the undercard, Paul won a split decision over former UFC champion Woodley.

“The dude can say what he wants about my performance, but he went eight rounds against a guy who just strolled forwards and didn’t throw a shot,” Tyson Fury’s younger brother stated of his backstage spat with Paul.

“Tyron was on the verge of knocking Jake out.

“Will we see Jake back in the ring?” I don’t believe he has [courage]. It is self-evident.

“When asked about me, he remained silent.

“In the corridor, he confronted me with a group of 15-20 people swarming all over us.” We were prepared for a fight.

“I was prepared to throw my hands in the air. He doesn’t realise that my crew and I are leaving right now. We’ll get right to work.

“Because he can’t fight, his security broke it up.” Imagine him in a brawl on the street! Please. He is unable to fight.

“He would have strolled right past me if he hadn’t had his security crew with him.”

“He’s large in front of the camera, yet he’s small on his own.”

“There was a point in that corridor where it was just me and him, when everything between his security and my team was going off.”

“I stared death in his eyes. He doesn’t want to know if the cameras aren’t present.”

Paul was evasive about his boxing future, claiming that after four pro fights in less than two years, he might take a break.

Fury said that Paul’s absorption of Woodley’s huge right hand, which knocked him against the ropes, had given him a lesson.

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