Boxing Fight: In the first round of a boxing match between UFC superstars, Anderson Silva knocks out Tito Ortiz

Boxing Fight
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Boxing Fight: Anderson Silva hits with two counter-punches that drop Tito Ortiz face-first to the floor in a cross-over bout between 46-year-old UFC veterans.

On Saturday night in Florida, Anderson Silva knocked out Tito Ortiz with a spectacular knockout in the first round of their bout.

The 46-year-old UFC superstars had switched to the boxing ring from the Octagon, but their fight was cut short when Silva landed two punches that knocked Ortiz out.

Ortiz had put pressure on Silva, backed him into a corner, and appeared to have the upper hand, about to throw his own strikes.

But, with little room to manoeuvre, Silva struck Ortiz with a flush right hook that hurt him hard right away.

He followed up with a left hand that slammed Ortiz face-first into the canvas.

Ortiz’s terrible boxing debut was aggravated by the fact that he missed weight at the weigh-in and was required to pay a fee straight to Silva in order for the fight to go on.

Silva’s late-career resurgence in the ring has continued; earlier this year, he defeated 60-fight veteran Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

In addition to his illustrious UFC achievements, Silva made his boxing debut in 1998, losing by knockout, then winning a second fight in 2006 before returning to the sport this year.

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