Boxing Fight: In the final round of a points victory, Richard Riakporhe knocks out Krzysztof Twardowski

Boxing Fight
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Boxing Fight: Cruiserweight Richard Riakporhe knocks out Krzysztof Twardowski in the final round of a points victory, while cruiserweight Mikael Lawal knocks out Benoit Huber and middleweight Linus Udofia knock out Xhuljo Vrenozi.

Richard Riakporhe knocked out Krzysztof Twardowski in the final round to end a protracted absence from the boxing ring with a points victory.

The British cruiserweight contender dropped Twardowski in the last minutes with a huge right hand, but he had to settle for a 79-72 decision in his first fight in nearly two years.

Riakporhe attacked Twardowski’s defences with a strong jab, which was rocked back onto his heels by a right hand in the last seconds of the first round.

In the second round, Riakporhe unloaded another chopping right, steadily gaining range, and in the third, he hit Twardowski’s ribs with thudding hooks.

In the fourth, the Pole stood solid and responded with body shots, while in the fifth, he tried to rough up Riakporhe with nasty punches.

Blood trickled from the Londoner’s nose as he used his jab to keep Twardowski at bay in the sixth, but Riakporhe countered with a short, quick right hand in the seventh.

A powerful right then landed on Twardowski’s back in the final round, despite the fact that he heroically resisted Riakporhe until the final bell.

Linus Udofia had earlier in the evening stretched his unbeaten record to 17 wins after halting Xhuljo Vrenozi in the third round.

Udofia had wobbled Vrenozi with an uppercut before flooring him with a right hand, and the towel was thrown in as the Luton boxer responded with a ferocious attack.

Mikael Lawal, a cruiserweight, also remained on track for a significant title bout after stopping Benoit Huber in the third round.

Despite Huber’s objections, a looping right hand from Lawal stiffened his legs, and the referee promptly waved it off.

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