Boxing Fight: In Manchester on February 19, Amir Khan says he ‘can’t see’ Kell Brook defeating him

Boxing Fight
Source: Skysports

Boxing Fight: Amir Khan has told Sky Sports that he does not believe Kell Brook will be able to defeat him in Manchester on February 19 and that it is time to ‘put a stop’ to the speculation surrounding his opponent.

In late November, it was confirmed that Khan and Brook would fight on February 19 at the AO Arena in Manchester, putting an end to their long-running feud.

During their spectacular careers, the British duo has triumphed in major world title battles, but both are putting their legacies on the line next month.

Khan, a former unified light-welterweight world champion, is currently training in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado Springs, at an altitude of 5,000 feet, and believes his confidence is at an all-time high.

“I’m more self-assured now.” Khan told Sky Sports News on Tuesday, “It’s back the way I went into training camp and had a couple sparring rounds with Crawford, and my sparring work and pad work with Bo-Mac and everyone, it’s back.”

“I remember being 25, 26, and at the pinnacle of my career.”

“I don’t think Kell Brook will be able to beat me.” I’m a better fighter, and I’ve faced tougher opponents, but come fight night, it’s time to put my abilities on display.

“I’m just going to stay calm, not think too much, and not get too confident, because, at the end of the day, you can’t get too confident about this because one punch can change the course of a fight.”

“I’m very aware of what I’m doing. This isn’t the first time I’ve been in this situation. It’s all about being focused and following your strategy.

“This debate over Kell Brook has raged for years, and I believe it is past time for me to put an end to it and show who is the better boxer.

“I understand Kell believes he is the better boxer, but only time will tell on February 19th.”

Brook is training in Fuerteventura with Dominic Ingle and Kid Galahad, while Khan is in the United States.

Khan had messages for Brook as well as the thousands of fans who had purchased tickets to the event, which had sold out in record time.

“The message for Kell is that I’m delighted he’s taking it seriously,” Khan continued. “It’s going to be a huge fight, and we want to give the fans a huge fight.”

“We want to offer them a fantastic battle in which they will enjoy themselves, and both of us will be at our best.”

“We’ll be in shape, and we’ll be prepared.”

“And to the fans out there, I just want to say a big thank you because the way they’ve gone out there and attempted to obtain tickets, a lot of them haven’t been able to, it’s incredible to see so many people interested in this fight.”

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