Boxing Fight: In a Triad Combat Rules match, Kubrat Pulev knocks out former UFC champion Frank Mir in the first round

Boxing Fight:
Source: Skysports

Boxing Fight: In the first round of their Triad Combat Rules battle, Kubrat Pulev stunned Frank Mir with a powerful right hand before being rescued by the referee.

After Pulev followed a crunching right with a cuffing left hook, Mir wobbled spectacularly towards the ropes, and the battle was mercifully waved off.

Pulev was fighting for the first time since Anthony Joshua stopped him in the ninth round of their world heavyweight title bout last December.

Both competitors donned MMA gloves and were allowed to hit and hold in a triangular ring, according to the Triad Combat rules.

However, Pulev’s superior punching ability was swiftly demonstrated when a single straight right in the dying seconds of the first round rendered Mir unable to continue.

Pulev plans to return to boxing next year, with promoter Ivaylo Gotzev telling Sky Sports that he has been approached about a bout with British challenger Joe Joyce.

“We’ve been inundated with offers.” Joe Joyce is on the lookout for us,” Gotzev said on Sky Sports.

“We’re not going to use Kubrat as a stepping stone for anyone, so we’ll pick and choose our battles to bring him back to where he feels terrific.”

“It all depends on how he wants to enter the ring and how long he wants to stay in there.”

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