Boxing Fight: ‘Expect more stuff you haven’t seen from me,’ says Chris Eubank Jr of Roy Jones Jr’s new skills

Boxing Fight
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Boxing Fight: “With each fight, you’ll see more improvements, more things you haven’t seen from me before,” says Chris Eubank Jr, who fights Anatoli Muratov on Saturday at The SSE Arena in Wembley.

As his pursuit of Gennady Golovkin intensifies, Chris Eubank Jr has promised to demonstrate new talents taught by the legendary Roy Jones Jr.

Eubank Jr returns to action on Saturday against Anatoli Muratov at The SSE Arena in Wembley.

His ultimate goal is a world title battle against veteran puncher Golovkin, but Eubank Jr believes he has a more diverse array of weapons to show.

He stated of his trainer Jones Jr., an all-time boxing champion whom he met through his father: “Roy and I get along fine. Even at the age of 31, I am still learning on a daily basis.

“You got a taste of what was to come in my fight with Marcus Morrison.

“But there’s a lot more to it.

“With each bout, you’ll notice more progress, more things you haven’t seen from me before.

“When I first arrived at his farm, I had no idea what to anticipate. I planned on hitting the bag for five rounds, shadow-boxing, skipping, and seeing you tomorrow!

“I didn’t imagine someone like Roy, a legend, would give me his time.

“I was entirely incorrect. From the moment I stepped in, he was completely focused on me. I was astounded.

“After the first day, I knew: ‘This is the guy I need to spend time with.'”

“I’ve never had that before. I was left to my own devices for the majority of my career. I was able to make that work because I am responsible and dedicated.

“Some guys require constant reassurance. That was never necessary; I would do it regardless.

“However, having someone there to tie everything together in the correct way has been incredible.”

“Everything turned out far better than imagined.”

In his early career, Eubank Jr. faced criticism for never committing to a specific trainer and preferring to be responsible for his own preparations while working closely with his father.

However, his bout against Muratov will be his second with Jones Jr in his corner, a connection that has lasted 18 months.

The goal is to face Golovkin, the celebrated knockout puncher who currently holds the IBF belt.

Eubank Jr. had this to say about Golovkin: “The fact that he is a world champion and the biggest name in the middleweight class.

“That fight could have happened years ago, but it didn’t.

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