Boxing Fight: Dillian Whyte’s world title battle versus Tyson Fury could be finalised

Boxing Fight
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Boxing Fight: After the WBC ordered discussions for the mandatory bout, Dillian Whyte’s long-awaited world title showdown versus Tyson Fury might be guaranteed.

The WBC has publicly ordered Fury to fight Whyte, the WBC’interim’ champion if an undisputed world title battle could not be agreed upon within 30 days.

Despite an ongoing dispute between the Brixton man and the WBC, Whyte will demand a mandatory championship match against Fury for next year.

The announcement of Fury versus Whyte has put an end to any rumours of an undisputed world title fight between the WBC champion and Oleksandr Usyk, who will fight Anthony Joshua in a rematch.

Whyte had challenged Fury to settle their long-running feud in the ring.

“Fury has been given the task of fighting me twice. He requested the WBC’Diamond’ belt to fight me, but when they agreed, he bolted. “All he does is make excuses,” Whyte remarked.

“Hopefully he doesn’t have a choice now.” What will he do now? Throw the belt in the trash and flee from a bout with [Deontay] Wilder for more money?

“Obviously, he claims to be a warrior and a man of his word, but we all know he talks a lot of nonsense, so we’ll see.”

“After beating Wilder, he stated he was going to fight me, but then he went away.” Let’s see what he comes up with.”

With a knockout victory over Deontay Wilder, Fury reclaimed his WBC belt for the second time.

“Of course I’ll end him,” Whyte had warned Fury.

“Wilderness is exaggerated. He can punch, but he is incapable of fighting. He’s athletic and rangy, with good speed, so he’s heavy-handed when he closes the distance quickly and strikes a blow.

“However, he is unable to box or fight. Fury was able to take him out because everything he does is chaotic.

“He knocked Fury down twice, both with significant knockdowns, but Fury recovered and won the rounds.” Wilder is nothing more than a freak of nature with no technical talent.

“If I throw Fury down, I’m going to assault him head on.”

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