Boxing Fight: Dillian Whyte on a fight with Tyson Fury: The WBC must “push my position” and leave the champion “no choice”

Boxing Fight
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Boxing Fight: Dillian Whyte has asked that the WBC give Tyson Fury “no choice” but to agree to a mandatory title match, so ending his long wait for a shot at the belt.

On Saturday, Fury’s stunning victory over Deontay Wilder in their trilogy bout in Las Vegas extended his undefeated record and tenure as WBC heavyweight champion.

Whyte’s long-held status as mandatory challenger may result in his first shot at the belt if he defeats Otto Wallin later this month.

“Fury wields the belt. “Wilder had three years to fight me but didn’t,” Whyte told Sky Sports News.

“Hopefully, now that the WBC has forced my position, Fury will have no choice but to accept it.”

“It’s a tremendous British battle, a major battle for Britain.”

“Fury is a volatile man who may declare, ‘I am done!'”

“I’m hoping we can get into a fight when I get past Wallin.”

“However, Fury is a difficult man to plan for.

“I haven’t heard anything from him about getting into a fight.”

Whyte has had to wait, having lost to Alexander Povetkin before earning their rematch, while Fury and Wilder battled in a famous trilogy.

His opportunity could come if he edges Wallin, the Swedish southpaw who seriously cut Fury and pushed him to the brink of defeat.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t staring at them,” Whyte admitted. “I’m absolutely considering a fight with Fury.”

“Wallin is a dangerous operator; he pushed Fury to his limit.”

“If all goes as planned, I hope to fight Fury next.”

“I’m always up against it, always in tough battles.” It’s nothing new to me.

“I could withdraw from the Wallin fight solely to face Fury, but that’s not my mentality.” I can’t wait to see what Fury does.

“I’m operating under the assumption that I have nothing to lose.” I’m not afraid to take chances. They recognise the danger of opposing me.

“I’m willing to put it all on the line if necessary.”

“Wilder absorbed a lot of punishment that may have ended his career,” Whyte remarked of the former WBC champion.

“The last time Mark Breland [the trainer, who was ultimately fired] stopped him, it saved his career.”

“His supporters were ‘yes-men,’ allowing him to suffer too much punishment. It might have a negative impact on a fighter’s confidence.

“From round three on, he was suffering.

“It’s possible he’ll never want to fight again.”

Whyte reacted on Fury’s most recent victory over Wilder: “The fight went precisely how I had predicted.

“Wilder placed the muscle in the incorrect location, on his upper body. I expected him to get tired.

“I expected him to attempt to knock Fury out in the first two rounds.

“I had a feeling Fury would depend on him.

“Wilder looked better than I expected.”

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