Boxing Fight: Deontay Wilder will avenge himself on Tyson Fury in five rounds, said to head trainer Malik Scott

Boxing Fight
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Boxing Fight: Deontay Wilder’s trainer, Malik Scott, predicts a brutal victory for the ‘Bronze Bomber’ in his third WBC title fight against Tyson Fury, saying, “Deontay will knock Fury out within of five rounds.”

According to Deontay Wilder’s head trainer, Malik Scott, the American will only need five rounds to exact severe revenge on Tyson Fury, who has a very susceptible’ fighting style.

Wilder will have to wait a little longer for his third WBC heavyweight title fight, which has been rescheduled for October 9 due to a Covid-19 outbreak in Tyson Fury’s camp.

However, Scott has already informed Sky Sports about technical flaws in Fury that he has noticed ahead of the Las Vegas match.

“Fury fights with his hands down, at times with his chin up, at times he comes forwards, at times he is close with his hands down.

“He’s been knocked out by players that don’t hit as hard as Deontay. He’s quite susceptible.

“I’ve never seen Fury fight and thought to myself, “Wow, he’s unbeatable.”

“He looks good on his finest days, but he’s still beatable.

“In two rounds, this Deontay would knock out the old Deontay. He’s ten times more concentrated, and he’s working out 100 times harder.

“It’s a tumultuous camp. His mindset is quite violent.

“This is going to be the best Deontay Wilder you’ve ever seen.”

After stopping Wilder in the seventh round to win the WBC title in February 2020, Fury rebuffed rumours that he could change his methods.

At their June news conference, Fury remarked, “I gave away my game plan the last time because he wasn’t good enough to do something about it.” “This time, I’ll do the same thing.

“Wilder is a one-trick pony who only has one trick up his sleeve. What am I going to do this time? I’m going to run him over like an 18-wheeler.

“I guarantee he won’t go much further than [the seventh round].”

Scott, on the other hand, believes Wilder possesses the boxing skills required to entice Fury into a humiliating defeat.

Scott told Sky Sports, “They underestimate his IQ.” “This isn’t some huge, foolish dude who throws a right hand.”

“His lunacy has a method to it.”

“Deontay has an extremely high IQ. I observe him as he creates, positions himself, and sets men up in surgical traps.

“Deontay will finish Fury in the first five rounds.”

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