Boxing Fight: David Haye believes he can defeat Tyson Fury, but Johnny Nelson believes Evander Holyfield’s return should serve as a caution

Boxing Fight
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Boxing Fight: “I have no doubt that David still has that power, but I have my doubts about how much of it he has left to fight Tyson Fury,” Johnny Nelson said after Haye challenged the WBC heavyweight champion.

David Haye wants a one-off fight against Tyson Fury rather than a comeback in boxing, but Evander Holyfield’s troubling return should serve as a cautionary tale, according to Johnny Nelson.

David Haye, who had been retired for three years, returned to the ring on Saturday, aged 40, for an eight-round contest against Joe Fournier, which concluded in a points victory for the former two-weight world champion.

Haye then addressed Fury, saying, “I know his Kryptonite, I know what he can’t handle.”

Haye’s motivation for fighting the unbeaten WBC king has been questioned.

He told Sky Sports, “I’m treating David Haye’s return to boxing with a pinch of salt.”

“At 40 years old, David appears to be in fantastic shape, and I believe a break from the sport has benefited both his body and his intellect. He’s now a very Zen person, so he’s definitely put a lot of things in perspective in terms of his future and what he wants to do in boxing.

“David chastising Tyson Fury has gotten a lot of attention, and it’s gotten a lot of people talking. What is the gravity of the situation? I’m not sure. For fighters, it’s always a case of “what if.”

“You have to look at David’s final two career outings and how he performed. The rest would have helped him a lot, and the fight with Fournier was just two friends sparring, but David knows what he’s capable of.

“I believe the reality of hard training in camp for a few months will set in, and he will realise how much he has taken on.” But what if he has the zeal, the drive, and the fire in his belly to fight Tyson Fury?

“David isn’t talking about returning to boxing as a career, and people need to know the difference.” He’s returning to face Tyson Fury.

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