Boxing Fight: Conor McGregor’s brawl with rapper Machine Gun Kelly on the red carpet of the VMAs has gone viral

Boxing Fight
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Boxing Fight: Conor McGregor, an Irish mixed martial artist, is noted for his fiery personality and refusal to back down when provoked. Emotions, on the other hand, can bring out the worst in him. McGregor got into a violent brawl with rapper Machine Gun Kelly at the VMAs in 2021, for example.

Kelly’s personal protection is said to have pushed Conor McGregor back as the fighter approached him for a handshake and a photo. Following that, McGregor splashed his drink on Kelly, resulting in a brawl. According to Page Six, McGregor and Kelly got into a physical altercation and had to be separated.

The UFC fighter and the singer of “Bloody Valentine” were seen squabbling in a photo that circulated, with security staff attempting to separate them. “They scuffled, then it calmed down, and Conor went after him again,” according to the account. The photographers were upset, and they planned to boycott McGregor because they were scared Megan and Kelly would not walk, according to the report.

Take a look at what happened in detail:

I’ve never heard of him: McGregor

According to rumours, McGregor was the one who began the fight, but no one knew what it was about. McGregor, on the other hand, denied everything, claiming he had never met the man. When asked what had just happened, Conor said, “Absolutely nothing.” I’m not sure, I just showed up and… I don’t even know who he is…. Only true fighters are allowed to fight me. I don’t know much about him other than the fact that he’s dating Megan Fox.”

Nonetheless, Kelly quickly regained control when she strolled the red carpet with actress girlfriend Megan Fox at the 2021 MTV Music Awards, turning eyebrows with their provocative red carpet attire. McGregor also wore a pink sports jacket with girlfriend Dee Devlin on the red carpet.

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