Boxing Fight: After Tyson Fury’s comeback victory, David Haye says, “I know his kryptonite”

Boxing Fight
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Boxing Fight: “If I’m going to return to boxing with a real fight against a special opponent? That’s the opponent I’m confident I can defeat “Tyson Fury, according to David Haye. “I am familiar with his mannerisms. I’m familiar with what he does. My characteristics don’t fit in with his personality. That is something he and his team are well aware of.”

Following his comeback victory on Saturday night, David Haye made a spectacular call for a fight with Tyson Fury.

Haye won a unanimous decision over Joe Fournier in Florida but claimed he held back so he wouldn’t reveal any secrets to Fury.

Haye, who is now 40 years old, said: “There is one fighter for whom I would return to professional boxing. Tyson Fury is his name.

“I know what his kryptonite is and what he can’t handle when it comes to that huge fat dosser.

“‘The Hayemaker’ will come for you if he wants a battle.

“When Tyson Fury truly desires a challenge, the fans want to see it. They want to see Tyson Fury face someone capable of knocking him out.

“I know he’s aware of it; his father is aware of it; his uncle is aware of it.”

Due to injuries, Haye had to withdraw from two scheduled matches with Fury.

While Fury has gone on to become the WBC heavyweight champion and claim statement wins over Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder, Haye’s career came to an end in 2017 and 2018 after two losses to Tony Bellew.

However, Haye, a former cruiserweight and heavyweight world champion, claims that three years of rest has left him injury-free and ready to fight Fury again.

Haye said, “It’s been on my mind for a long time, since 2013,” “The battle was cancelled, and I sustained an injury.

“That fight has always been a dream of mine. I’ve seen him improve with time. His name is becoming more and more well-known.

“If I’m going to come back into boxing with a true bout against someone special, who am I going to fight?” That’s the opponent I’m confident I can defeat.

“I’m familiar with his mannerisms. I’m familiar with what he does.

“My characteristics don’t mesh well with his personality.” That is something he and his crew are well aware of.

“They’ll probably take the fight because they think I’m old.”

“I’m searching for the biggest battle out there, and Tyson Fury is just 6ft 9in tall.”

“I’d only returned for Fury.” I’m not going to show him what I have left. Without using ‘the Hayemaker,’ I was able to win this bout.”

About defeating Fournier for the first time in five years, Haye said: “I felt energised, astute, and my timing was impeccable. Normally, I would knock somebody out right immediately, but I was having fun.

“Although I could see shots coming, I hadn’t done much sparring in preparation for this.

“Over the years, I’ve harmed my body. I was in desperate need of sleep. My body was in desperate need of rest. I’m ready to take on enormous challenges.”

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