Boxing Fight: After an ‘adverse discovery’ in a pre-fight drug test, Oscar Valdez reflects on the ‘tough’ build-up to his WBC title battle

Boxing Fight
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Boxing Fight: “I can’t lie, it’s been terrible,” she says, “but this is what we have to go through.” Oscar Valdez responds to an ‘adverse finding’ in a drug test ahead of his bout against Robson Conceicao for the WBC super-featherweight belt.

After an ‘adverse finding’ in a pre-fight drug test, Oscar Valdez reflected on a ‘tough’ build-up to his WBC title defence against Robson Conceicao.

Valdez tested positive for the banned stimulant phentermine last month, but the bout will still take place in the early hours of Sunday at Casino Del Sol in Tucson, according to the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Gaming Commission and the WBC.

“I’m grateful to Top Rank and the Pascua Yaqui [Tribal Gaming Commission] for allowing this fight to take place, and I’ve just been really focused,” Valdez, who is defending his WBC super-featherweight belt, said.

“I’ve been concentrating on not looking at anything unpleasant.” It’s been challenging – I won’t lie – but it’s what we have to go through. This is going to be the case.

“This is when you realise who your true friends are, who are loyal to you and who have your back.” I’ve realised that my family and team come first.

“I owe a debt of gratitude to my entire team, as well as my manager, Frank Espinoza, and my trainer, Eddy Reynoso.” My father has always stood by my side.

“I just want to thank everyone who has been there for me during these trying times.” They were on my side, and we knew we hadn’t done anything illegal. For this fight, we’re going to be extremely focused.”

Conceicao, an Olympic gold medalist from Rio 2016, defeated Valdez in an amateur competition, and the Brazilian promised to replicate the feat in the professional ranks.

“It was a tough fight when I fought him,” Conceicao remarked.

“I fought him and the crowd, and it gave me a lot of motivation and joy.” It’s the same situation here. I’m up against two opponents: him and the audience, and I’m going to win.

“Concerning the champion’s issue, what has been done. There are no explanations, but I’m here to give it my all and fight the battle of my life.”

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