Boxing Fight: According to promoter Frank Warren, Anthony Joshua should let Tyson Fury fight Oleksandr Usyk first and then face the winner

Boxing Fight
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Boxing Fight: Promoter Frank Warren has pushed Anthony Joshua to let Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk determine the undisputed heavyweight championship.

Unbeaten duo After outstanding victories over Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua, Fury and Usyk now possess every major belt in the division, but a fight to determine the division’s No. 1 is highly doubtful within the next year.

Joshua has exercised his rematch clause and will face Usyk again in spring 2022 to reclaim the IBF, WBA, and WBO championships.

WBC champion Fury’s UK-based promoter Warren said of Joshua, “He shouldn’t be going through with it.”

“It’s his decision.

“If he hits it on the head, it opens the door for us to conduct the [Fury vs. Usyk] unification.”

“Give AJ a warm-up bout.” Before rematching Usyk, he needs to develop a winning mentality.

“Perhaps he fights the winner [of Fury vs. Usyk], which would still be a great fight.”

“They have similar skills,” Warren remarked of Fury and Usyk. Tyson would not fight him in the same way that AJ did. Tyson would exploit his physical attributes, namely his size and reach, to win the bout.”

Joshua and Fury were on the verge of agreeing on an undisputed title showdown until talks abruptly broke down early this year.

Warren believes that Fury vs. Usyk is now the division’s fantasy bout.

“Absolutely, but that can’t happen because they’ve already scheduled a rematch with AJ,” Warren remarked.

“I believe Usyk will defeat him again.”

“If Usyk had another 20 seconds, he would have stopped AJ.”

“He wobbled him early and almost knocked him out.” He’ll want to knock AJ over the next time.

“The only way AJ can beat him is to impose himself, as Wilder did.”

“I don’t think AJ will win the rematch.”

“It will be after Usyk wins AJ in the rematch,” Usyk’s promoter Alexander Krassyuk earlier told.

When asked if Usyk was impressed by Fury’s victory over Wilder, Krassyuk responded: “He certainly was. And he was impressed by how the boxers fought without displaying any boxing abilities. They were attempting to [inadvertently harm] each other.”

Dillian Whyte has given Joshua the following advice: “The only thing he has to change is his attitude.

“Forget about attempting to please and impress others. You’re not going to be able to out-box him.

“You’re a huge, powerful man. Bring the fight to Usyk!”

If Whyte defeats Otto Wallin on October 30, he will be appointed as the WBC mandatory challenger to Fury’s belt.

Warren stated: “If Whyte is defeated by Wallin, which is possible, they will rematch. It might be another shambles.”

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