Boxing: During the opening press conference, Amir Khan and Kell Brook butt heads and are dragged away by security

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Boxing: As tensions reached an all-time high, Amir Khan and Kell Brook slapped their foreheads together and argued passionately.

Years in the making, their long-running feud will be concluded inside the ring on February 19 in Manchester.

They clashed at a news conference on Monday before saying anything, butting heads during a face-off and prompting security personnel to separate them.

“That’s when Amir Khan will hit the deck for the final time,” Brook remarked of the fight’s finalisation.

Kell Brook revealed why the biggest all-British bout outside of the heavyweight division had taken so long: “He’s always gone off the rails, never showing me respect or acknowledging my existence.

“‘Win a world title, and then I’ll fight you,’ he said. ‘Fight this man, and then I’ll fight you.’

“He’s reached the point in his career where there’s nowhere else for him to go.”

“I’ve wanted that for a long time.”

“In the last ten years, I’ve faced two of the best pound-for-pound fighters,” Khan countered.

“I’ve never attempted to flee Kell. I’ve never had to do so.

“My accomplishments speak for themselves.”

“It’s pointless to lament the past. He hasn’t deserved this fight in the past.

“It’ll be time to see if he can back up those remarks on February 19.”

“I am coming tiers down by taking this fight,” Khan said, insisting he has never considered Brook as a worthy opponent. I’ve battled some of the top fighters in the world. I’ve conquered the United States of America.

“However, the public expects to see me hit him in the face.”

“It’s time for me to put him in his place and move on to something larger and better.”

“He’s in cuckoo land,” Brook yelled as his rage flared.

“You’re about to get knocked out.” “I’m going to knock you out, spark.”

“It’s easy to speak a big game,” Khan responded. You’re a sourpuss. That bitterness has always been a part of you.”

Brook ridiculed Khan’s “famous” status, but Khan countered, “I wouldn’t be in this position if I wasn’t good.”

“You’re partly retired now,” Khan teased Brook. “You appear to be overweight!”

They squabbled about the weight division for their contest. Khan stated that he was happy to fight at welterweight, but Brook refused to lose enough weight.

Brook screamed, “I’ve bent over myself for your demands.”

Khan and Brook are the two best welterweights in the United Kingdom.

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