Boxing Court: Jake Paul KOs Tyron Woodley in the sixth round of their rematch – his most stunning KO to date

Boxing Court
Source: Skysports

Boxing Court: On Saturday night in Florida, Jake Paul struck a spectacular one-punch knockout to drastically drop Tyron Woodley to the canvas and terminate their rematch inside six rounds.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer won their first bout by the split decision earlier this year, but the former UFC champion was knocked out in the most emphatic way conceivable by smashing him to the ground.

Jake Paul had to fight through a cut on his cheek and blood pouring down his face, which was inflicted by an unintentional elbow from Woodley in the third round.

Woodley had promised to be more aggressive than in their first bout, with a $500,000 bonus if he won by knockout, but Paul was landing the crisper punches.

Woodley launched a series of shots to disturb Paul shortly after he was injured.

It was the most dangerous situation Paul had ever encountered in his job.

He, on the other hand, answered smartly, preventing Woodley from gaining any momentum.

Paul then delivered a right hand that hit flush on Woodley’s jaw in the sixth round, face-planting his opponent to the canvas.

The social media celebrity celebrated the spectacular knockout by climbing onto the ropes.

Woodley, who had never fought before, stepped in at the last minute to replace Tommy Fury, who had to withdraw due to “a severe chest infection and damaged ribs.”

In his post-fight celebrations, Paul chastised Fury.

Since starting his professional boxing career amid the YouTuber boxing frenzy, Paul has gone undefeated in five matches.

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