Boxing Championship: After recovering from two knockdowns, Luis Ortiz knocks out ‘Prince’ Charles Martin in a heavyweight battle

Boxing Championship
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Boxing Championship: In a back-and-forth heavyweight encounter in Florida on Saturday, Luis Ortiz twice dragged himself off the ground to knock out ‘Prince’ Charles Martin.

In the sixth round, the veteran Cuban landed an overhand left that severely injured Martin and ended his career.

The early exchanges had all gone Martin’s way, with Ortiz being knocked to the canvas twice.

Martin stunned and downed Ortiz in the first round with a sneaky right hand from the former IBF champion, whose loss to Anthony Joshua in 2016 means he has the second-shortest heavyweight title reign in history.

Martin won the duel of southpaw jabs in the fourth round when he timed a shot that sent Ortiz down again.

In the sixth round, though, Ortiz came into life when his thunderous left hand smacked Martin in the face.

Martin jumped to his feet and looked about.

Martin was crumpled by a succession of follow-up blows from Ortiz, and as he fell, his glove became tangled in the ropes, requiring the referee to free him.

Martin came back for more and fought heroically until Ortiz’s hard strikes knocked him out for the second time, and the referee called an end to the fight.

Ortiz, 42, reminded the world that he is still a threat in the heavyweight division’s elite tiers.

Martin had previously been ranked No. 1 by the IBF, hence this bout was an IBF eliminator.

In 37 professional fights, Ortiz has only fallen twice to Deontay Wilder, but he has now positioned himself to be the mandatory challenger for the championship that Oleksandr Usyk will defend against Anthony Joshua.

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